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    The year is moving already. Can't even believe it's already May. Last month I got the chance to spend a week in California. It was a really good and moving experience. I attended the ASCAP expo in Hollywood . I also got a chance to stop by and guest appear on a radio show called Road to Hollywood. Getting a chance to see some familiar faces and meet new ones is always Good. I love going to these conferences, checking out these new areas and just networking with people.  I got a chance to chill in a few clubs and just enjoy a bit of the Los Angeles n  northern Hollywood nightlife.  I also got a moment(s)to enjoy some of the fine coastal cannabis.....and I agree....it's superb. I believe they have a great way of keeping order and regulation amongst the people and local laws of the cities . I like the direction they have chosen to approach medical marijuana and hope the country continues going forward with this........Back to the music though. I had the honor of eating breakfast with one of the great members of Pink Floyd- Mr Scott Page . It was an honor to sit with him and speak on the times of music when he was coming up as well as its evolving times now .  great conversation and many gems learned and shared. Shouts to HOME on Hillhurst ave. Great lil outdoor spot to eat breakfast at. Overall this trip was very enlightening in surely  inspiring.  I look forward to seeing you in many people again California, got some work to do in the meantime though. Time to take it up another notch. Driving dreams