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    Live from L.A.

    Have u ever searched for an apartment when your brand new in a city on another side of the country?  Well i may have realized i could suck at something in life...and yes this may be one of them lol.  Nah its all good.  The process has been crazy,displeasing and sometimes hilarious but its all life.  I am thankful to be getting thru challenges and processes that life sends my way.  Damn Tho! I could also use an approval.  I share this post though because i dont only share the positive results in my life.  I love to share the times that just dont work out too because its not about the time working out.  Its about YOU working out.  I know i can do it.  I was born and we were born to strive and achieve our goals.  So as i step back on out there to hit the pavement.  My mind is in a divine state.  Im smiling and greeting the natives as we cross paths.  Im taking in the scenes and the finely inhaled freedom fumes.  Im here baby!
    Not sure where i'll be writing you from next but its always from the heart.  Keep Driving your dreams and pushing your passions.  PEACE!